Celestial Seasonings

The Ask

For almost 40 years, Celestial Seasonings has been committed to making herbal tea from only the finest ingredients sourced from sustainable farms around the world. But this commitment to sustainability and quality often goes unnoticed. They came to us with a  desire to shift brand perceptions and drive offline sales.


The Approach

We created a full funnel social campaign targeted to three distinct audience segments. Partnering with three influencers, we traveled around the globe telling stories about the people behind the brand and its place in the lives of our consumers. While the majority of the campaign was focused on Facebook and Instagram, we also delivered pre-roll videos, banner display ads and search and shopping ads.  

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Celestial Seasonings


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Art Direction


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Laundry Service


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Emma Siolka

Joy is a designer, business owner and a mom of two. We learned how tea plays an integral role in her life by helping her rest and recharge during busy work days, and wind down after putting her kids to bed. 


Summer is an environmentalist and entrepreneur whose 600 square foot Brooklyn apartment is home to over 600 plants and a pet chicken. Needless to say, being close to nature is very important to her, which is why she chooses Celestial Seasonings for it's commitment to sustainable farming practices and quality ingredients. 


Sara is a food blogger and cookbook author with a deep love for experimenting with new ingredients and learning from others. We follow her journey as she goes behind the scenes at Celestial Seasonings factories and fields, gaining inspiration from the sights and smells along the way. 


Celestial's iconic packaging has been a big part of their brand from day one, so it was crucial that we found a way to bring that to the forefront of our creative. 

We developed a series of outros that spanned all of our videos, using illustrated elements from Celestial's most beloved flavors to bring the magic to life.


In order to carry this magic throughout our campaign, we also created a series of static and animated banner ads that ran through the Viant ad network.  

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