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Nike Playlist


With mounting pressure and a focus on rules and performance, kids are dropping out of sports at an alarming rate. So nike challenged R/GA to develop a way to connect with kids and encourage them to play.

Nike PLAYlist, an interactive content series hosted on YouTube and TikTok, puts kids in the drivers seat. They invent the games, ask the questions, and play alongside the likes of Lebron James, A'ja Wilson and Crystal Dunn. No rules, no trophies, just a level playing field to explore sport and learn from professional athletes.   

To make sure the content succeeded in getting kids moving, we created Nike's first-ever TikTok content in which athletes challenged kids to complete a trick or skill and post it to TikTok using #thereplay.  

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Agency: R/GA

Role: ACD

Client: Nike

Creative Team

Peter Toutant: ACD Copy

Sammi Needham: ECD

Daan Van Dam: ACD

Zoe Farrel: Writer

Bria Benjamin: Designer

Andres Silvabello: Illustrator

Lauren O'Malley: Editor

Emil Schonstrom: AE/animator

Piñata Post: Edit House 

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