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Adobe Project 1324

The Ask

Project 1324 is a digital platform where young creatives can connect and grow, participating in challenges, collaborating with peers, and even gaining access to some of the most prestigious design events around the globe. But in order to be successful, Adobe needs to continually push and inspire the creative community to create and engage. 

The Approach

We've partnered with Adobe to create monthly social content, artist features, and coverage around events within the creative community.  

Client / 

Adobe Project 1324


Role / 

Art Direction


Agency / 

Laundry Service


Year / 


Adobe Max Sizzle Reel

Max is the epicenter of creativity. Every year, Adobe brings together the world's top creatives and best-in-the-business experts to get inspired.  We created a sizzle reel to play on the MainStage of the conference during a keynote delivered by Adobe's CEO, as well as a social cut to share with Project 1324's audience. It features the wide range of work created by Adobe's community throughout 2018 in the hopes of inspiring the next generation of creatives. 


Tutorial: Video Creation

One of the many goals of Project 1324 is to push young artists to create the best work possible. In order to do so, we built a content series featuring tutorials created in partnership with members of the Project 1324 community. In episode 1, Poet Paul Tran and Filmmaker Emily Ann Hoffman show their peers how to level up their videos and flawlessly present their work . 


International Artists Day

Project 1324 prides itself on being a diverse community of artists. To celebrate International Artists Day, we created a reel highlighting work from our eclectic group of artists that spans the globe.  


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